Monday, November 22, 2010


Salt-water Bath
Salt-water bath is good for cleansing and rejuvenating. Do this before you take a bath, just bath with salt-water. Get a handful of salt in a small bucket of water. Dissolve the salt crystals into the water and having done this, you can take a bath with this salt water. Use it like a medicinal water. The intention is to cleanse all your chakras. from crown to toes. After you have done this, you can proceed to your normal bath. you can do this once a week.

Use salt-water bath when you are under healing crisis or some disease, you may even do this more than once. salt crystals can clean your energy body and the etheric layer. negative emotions, events and people generate negative vibrations that affect our subtle bodies. Any disease, before it manifest on the physical body, it comes from the aura or subtle body. salt-water does its work on the subtle body, the energy of the disease is cleaned in the etheric layer.

Salt-water bath improves energy level by getting rid of your negative energy. most of us generate this negativity through emotions, mental distress and physical stress. No wonder why some healing modalities like pranic healing and filipino folk medicine are using salt. Feng shui is also a tradition that subscribe to the theory of energy cleansing.

Now disposing of the salt-water that you’ve taken bath with is very important, since it contains negative energy - so it is best if you wash it down the drain. Don’t use it for watering the plants or for further cleansing.

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  1. kung titingnan po natin sa nilikhang tubig, ang tubig maalat ay panghugas ng aking sariling pagninilay, ang tubig-alat ay panglinis spiritual din po....ano sa palagay po ninyo?