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Why is it important to cleanse the chakras?
The chakras are the 7 major energy centres. All the energy, whether positive or negative are absorbed into the chakras, this is why it is important to cleanse them. After a while, your chakras will not be able to work to their maximum because they are overloaded with the negative energy that hasnt been released from the body. This can often result in sickness in the location of the particular chakra that has got too much negative energy, blocked or be damaged from emotional, mental or physical inteference within the body.
So how do I cleanse them?

Step 1: Introduction
Find a quiet place to be comfortable in, sit, in whatever position makes you comfortable and begin to meditate, relaxing your body as you do.

Step 2: Cleansing your Root Chakra
First begin visualising a red light at the base of your spine, this is where the root chakra is located. Slowly begin to concentrate on this light. Feel the warmth from the light radiating around your chakra and visualise the globe of red to start pulsing gently.
As you see the globe to start pulsing, visualise the red light begin to expand, grow stronger and brighter.
At this time, if you feel any negativity surrounding this chakra, or perhaps see any darkness around it, release it, Just let it go. Now with the emptiness left from the darkness, expand that hole with the healthy glow of the chakras light.

Step 3: Cleansing your Sacral Chakra
Firstly, before you start visualising an orange light, you must first remember that the sacral chakra has two openings, and is located at the pelvis, so when you visualise the light, remember to see them for both, the front and rear of your pelvic region.
Repeat what you did with the first chakra, feeling the warmth and the steady brightening of the chakras, but do not forget to envision two globes of light instead of one. If there is any darkness or negativity that you may see or sense clouding this chakra, release it.
With the remaining hole, fill it with the orange light of the chakras.

Step 4: Cleansing your Solar Plexus Chakra
Now we move up to the next chakra, the solar plexus. If you arent sure where this is, it is located at the stomach, just below the diaphragm. Like the sacral this too has two openings, one front, one rear.
Visualise a yellow glow coming from the back and front areas of your solar plexus. Slowly begin to see the light expand and pulse brighter. Do not forget to feel the warmth around this area, as this is an indication that your chakra is responding to your cleansing.
Once again, any darkness or negativity that you may see or sense must be released for the chakra to be cleansed. Do this and fill the remaining hole with the yellow light.

Step 5: Cleansing your Heart Chakra
Like the two before this, this chakra has two openings at the front and rear of the body.
Start by visualising a green glow from your chest, see it grow brighter till it is strong and green in colour. Feel the warmth radiate in your chest.
Any darkness or negativity must again be released from the chakra, and fill the remaining hole with the green light. Your chakra is now cleansed.

Step 6: Cleansing your Throat Chakra
This chakra too as two openings. Begin with visualising a blue light,getting steadily brighter as you concentrate on it. The colour should be a light blue than a deep blue. It is important to get this colour right, as the third eye colour can be highly similar in many instances.
Now, feel the warmth of the charged chakras in the front and back of your throat.
Following what you have done with the other chakras, you must release any negative energy or darkness that has surrounded the chakra. Then in the space, expand the blue light to complete the globe.

Step 7: Cleansing your Third Eye Chakra
The third eye also has two openings. This chakra is associated with a light purple colour and is located between your eyebrows. Concentrate on that area and feel the warmth of your chakras responding to you.
Now visualise a light purple globe begin to expand from between your eyebrows at the front and back of your forehead. See it steadily brighten and pulse with your energy.
If there is any darkness or negativity around the chakra, release it. With the space left, allow the purple light to fill the chakra and become whole.

Step 8: Cleansing your Crown Chakra
Start by feeling the warmth in and around your head. Unlike most of the others, this chakra only has one opening. It is associated with the colour of white.
Visualise a globe of pure white and begin to see it glow bright and healthy.
Now once again, if there are any spots of darkness or negativity that surround or cloud this chakra, release this energy so that the holes can be filled with the white light and the chakra is cleansed.

I have cleansed them, so now what?

Well now you are done, you have cleansed your chakras. It is best to keep this a regular exercise, as it helps with how much energy and power you can exert.


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