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After cleansing your chakras, and doing everything that's connected with those energy centers, it is advised to practice piety...One of the ways in keeping yourself connected is by chanting mantras....This will help too in focusing your mind...

Mantras should be chanted at least 108 times a day. 108 mantra chants takes about 10 minutes to complete. Start with a quick meditation asking the light of the Divine to enter your life and bring you peace and harmony, followed by imaging myself wrapped in white light. Meditation aids like music for a good background is advised to be played and burn some incense to create the right atmosphere,  Chant a set of mantras for 40 days, then  move to another set.

While chanting you Mantras your mind will wander around as so many destraction in order to not get you to another realm. This is natural; it takes spiritual masters tens of years and almost all of their lifetime to be able to keep their mind focused, but the Universe is quite forgiving. Just bring back your mind to focus. The most  important is to keep to a schedule; roughly the same time and place each day.

Which Mantra to start with?

The most common or very basic is AUM or OM....
Accordingly, the Tibetan monks favorite is OM MANE PADME HUM...
The Jewish mystics have the A.G.L.A. - Ateth Gibor Leolam Adonai 

Other mantras that are most used are the following:

Aburistatis Sabaoth Conipabis Biabitit
This mantra is for spiritual cleansing

Thirunee Lakandam
This Mantra removes current karmic conditions; especially bad karma.

After this, or instead of if you choose not to start with the above mantra, there are others to choose from!
Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha 
 To remove obstacles that are standing in the way of your progress.

Om Shreem Kleem Lakshmi yea Namaha 
This is a mantra to attract abundance. Shreem is the operative phrase for "attraction." Using this mantra will send out your intention for attraction -if you don't verbally add something afterwards likely whatever is held in your mind, what your attention is focussed on, is what will manifest in your life so envision your goals whilst saying this Mantra. Abundance isn't always about money; it can be health, spiritual well being, peace, and you may see these things coming to you easier.

 It is a powerful word for spiritual advancement.

Om Kreem Kalikaye Namaha
 This is a very powerful Mantra to remove negativity in your life. You may find it too strong to begin with so just focus on the kreem power word. With this Mantra, be prepared for cleansing of the negatives in your life,the desired result will be achieved, so stick with it. Use kreem if things get too bad, but keep going.

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