Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The Bible is a compilation of Books written by most of the Holy people as Moises, Jeremiah, Isaiah, the Evangelists, Apostles and other disciples of Christ…Moises have written ten (10) books, the Genesis, exodus, levitians, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The other five (5) books were called the lost books of Moises and was compilated into one and was named,” THE KABALA’ was later called the King Of Books because of its Mystical Powers.

In the later days of about 200AD, the book that were called the Bible is named as the Book of Books for its completeness. The book is described to have its own key to open and close the book. Since there was still no Pope that time, it was only the Bishops who has the Bible. During that time the Bishops and other high priests were assigned to different part of Europe. Others died in their place of responsibility leaving behind the book and it was handed by civilians. The readers of the book got hold of the sacred words and used it for their own merit until such time the knowledge scattered throughout Europe hence without correct guidance and understanding to the righteousness of God many have turn to Witchcraft activities, Sorcerers, Magicians and the like thus, that centuries was called the DARK AGES. To stop these fads since Rome has the strongest religion, they made a degree that the book be forbidden and whosoever has the book, practice rituals, has a manuscript will be put to a stick and be burned. The Inquisition then follows in Spain and Portugal, then to Europe killing Millions of people who are not Catholic or of different religion or opposed its belief. John of Arc was one of the victim of this law., the ILLUMINATI group of scientists and the Free Masonry which make them covert their religion to avoid the inquisition. This was done until such time that no one has ever practice nor read the Forbidden Book and generations have passed that it have kept silence for so many years.

After so many decades, new generations comes in with a Philosophy of ,”to see is to believe.” Priests are talking and preaching about God and the students / listeners/audiences seek for “evidence”, Where does these people have their stories. If it came from the Bible, where is it?! They said it was forbidden. No! let us read it also for us to believe. A revolution for interest of the Forbidden Book (Bible) aroused to that generation. It was the time then of Constantine about 300AD.To be the head of the state, he promised the people that if he be seated to power, his primary program is to let the people read THE FORBIDDEN BOOK, and it was so that when he was seated to power the people demanded to fulfill his promise. To solve the problem, he summoned all the Bishops known for this revolution. There were 366 Bishops came all over the countries for the session. Generally, the high priests disagreed of revealing it to the public. However, they do not have any option so that a Ecumenical Session was held and it took them Five(5) years to complete. They took away any Sacred Words and stories that the public should not know and forbid to know and also make a book for it. From the books of Moises which they have taken out and made of book for it entitled,” The Misterio Principal”, The story of Satan from Ezeequel was compiled and named,” Dies Mundos” and Arco del Mundo”, The stories from the four Evangelist; Libreto Secreto Del Nino Jesus, by the Virgin Mary, the “Buen Viaje de Sta,Maria, and The Encanto de Dios; about Jesus Christ was The Verdadero”and “Milagros de Jesus Cristo;, from Apocalypses,” The Siete LLaves;” Other Old Testament Stories and other religion was,” The Moral and Dogma ,the one used by the Free Masonry as the Book of their 32nd Degree. Other things is that the original Hebrew names of the characters from the New Testament were changed to Spanish names especially the names of the Holy Family whose names triggers high power words most of which is the name of Christ that symbolizes the JHS. The Twenty four(24) elders and the for beast that surrounds God in His throne are not revealed and was taken out from the original so as the complete names of the seven Arcangles and many other especially the stories before the world was created. After this Ecumenical Session, the book now is ready to be presented to the public. The first edition published was the Greek Vulgate Bible and later the Latin Kings James Version. It was said that the translation were inspired by the Holy Spirit and it was so because of its wonderful hidden thoughts that an individual who was inspired also by the spirit will understand it. Hence the Bible sealed not to be understood until the time is ripe as of now. To conclude, the Bible we are now at hand are “SAPAL”(the important juice from a coconut were already extracted and what is left is Sapal). However, by putting together the extracted words from the segregated books that were mentioned above, and with correct guidance from the wise, we can fully understand the words of God and we can use it for goodness to fight evil spirits and for salvation that we may Glorify Him.