Monday, November 9, 2009


I am not a real antingero. This is the truth. The most of my lot came from here and there where I have the opportunity of meeting different people from all walks of life and also what I have come across with thru reading when My sight was still pretty sharp and at the present moment from the internet o world wide web. The reason I pick the name lolosapunso was because the older generation use to scare us if we do not join lola during 6 o' clock prayers way way back when she was around.
By the way, this blog is about the life and times that I have gone thru plus or minus the prayers, good things and otherwise. I spend a lot of years living and growing up in the 3 main areas of the Philippines lalo na sa Luzon at Visayas where I learned so many things in and out of School. This is where I hanged out with some healers ( faith and fake), as they used to send me to buy stuff (albularyo items like ugat, leaves, etc. in Quiapo and other places). In the early stages of my so-called life if it was, I already sensed that I was a "rolling stone." It's not the band from England but the one that keeps on rolling.
Even at the present time I still keep moving as the last one was about 9 months ago. In the last ten years alone, I have lived in at least 6 different addresses, not to mention jobs or work related that took me to different corners of the world. Nevertheless, after so many years of "rolling" dealing with life situations and trials, I'm here again being awashed into the secret or esoteric knowledge. For so long, maybe because of the forgetfulness of faith, and of all the blessings that was found and slowly disappeared paved the way back to faith. Most of the subjects or items that will be on this blog will be some of the things that have been a part of the times of my life. Regarding the secret learning that I have found thru the years, which until now still I am searching for meanings, as most of them I don't understand, A few which was given to me way back when I was very young and told me to do the 777 prayer offerings for 7 fridays.It is also kind of hard to share as I hardly know the things related to background and meanings of the said prayers or names, but if I come across with any related knowledge, I will try to share, but of course, with the permission of the originator.
And i have a big faith on all of this as I have been delivered in several occasions that even the science of man cannot explain. Based on my own conclusion, it must be God's will.I just don't have any idea which one works. I do not own any piece of special rock, medallion, oil, or handkerchief including the words that I was asked to offer prayers when I was a kid. I am amazed and also thankful to all the other brothers and sisters that blogs with meaning and explanations. Until next time and peace abound everybody. Have a good day and God bless.

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